3 Reasons To Visit Geelong

Geelong is located on Corio Bay 75 kilometers south-west of Melbourne. It only takes an hour by car or train to get from Geelong to Melbourne. The city is close to the Bellarine Peninsula and Great Ocean Road. Geelong has been underestimated by locals and other tourists who haven’t visited it yet. So let’s take a chance and prove them wrong.

1.      The Geelong Waterfront

An attraction that started off as an industrial port, now the Waterfront is one of the greatest popular Geelong sightseer attractions. And with numerous Geelong cafes and restaurants that cook delicious food, gardens, art, and spectacular views of Corio Bay that steal away breaths, is its popularity any wonder?

One of our absolute favorite things to do in the mornings is to stroll along the Geelong foreshore after Rippleside Park to the Eastern Beach. After your walk, you have a mouthwatering and fulfilling breakfast at one of the restaurants or cafes.

This area is highly preferred by tourists to take selfies and pictures.

There are a variety of things to do in Geelong for families. The historic carousel, Geelong Beach, poppy kettle playground, and the youth activities zone are specially designed for the kids. There’s also a pretty children’s train that runs end to end in the area.

2.      Eastern Beach

The Eastern Beach features an art-deco stylishness pond and diving zone, and a dome that’s home to a cafe and change rooms. These facilities were built during the 1930s and are well maintained till today.

This is one of the best and must visit places in Geelong Victoria. The entire zone is covered with attractively trimmed lawn where families get together for have a picnic, barbeques, cricket matches, and footy games.

The kids have loads of entertaining sliding down the lawn embankments on boogie boards and running around the area and playing in general.

After a fantastic and relaxing day, it’s lovely to take a stroll around the promenade for magnificent views as the sun sets over the bay.

If you are in Geelong with your family then it is best to get one of the reasonable Geelong apartments available. It will be convenient, accessible and affordable.

3.      A River Runs Through It

The Barwon River begins is a 160-kilometer long journey in the Otway Ranges and moves through Geelong and then into the beautiful sea.

It was once occupied by the Wathaurang people, therefore many sites in the area have names reflecting the importance of its Aboriginal heritage.

It’s a wonderful area for water sports, walking, cycling, fishing, and overall relaxation.

To enjoy the beautiful old river gums and natural wildlife follow the path of the river bank. There’s a chance you may even see a platypus if you walk as far as Buckley’s Falls!

If you are a bird lover keep an open eye and try to spot the endangered orange-bellied parrot, plovers, rosellas, magpies and a kookaburra or two.

There are plenty of spots to stop for a quiet and personal moment to escape the hustle-bustle of our daily lives. You can have a picnic or sip a coffee or some dine in at Barwon Edge Boathouse.

Well, this is not it! There are various mesmerizing reasons to visit Geelong. And once you have visited it maybe you can create some of yours too.


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