How to Accessorize In Cold Weather

There’s a famous notion that you simply cannot be both fashionable and functional when it comes to cold weather. The weather conditions seem to demand a few fashion sacrifices but we’re here to tell you that that’s not the case. Yes, there’s a little more working around and adjusting to be done but at the end of the day you can look and feel as elegant as you are. Here’s how to accessorize yourself to perfection in cold weather:


Heavier statement pieces will definitely stand out in this weather and not get lost in the crowd. If you’re going basic with a black outfit, spice things up with statement pieces that were simply too cumbersome to be worn in summer. This will allow you to give those heavier jewellery catching dust in your box a chance to be used and will be rather eye catching as well. This is a look you can’t go wrong with.


Let’s face it, now’s not the time to be wearing dangly earrings, hoops etc. You’ll have a fine time detangling it from your shawl or hair. Instead stick to studs and keep things nice and simple in the ear department. No one said this didn’t involve some compromise!


You’ve probably heard plenty on how you need to be layering your clothes as smartly as possible, starting from the most basic items of clothing onwards. Well, you don’t have to stop there! Different patterns or textures can even be complimented by your choice of accessories! Instead of wearing one statement piece, layering with simple chains or bracelets will also do the trick just fine. Remember, however, you don’t want to go overboard in all areas. If you’re going heavy with your necklaces, you can go light with your use of bracelets and rings. This will ultimately give off a sophisticated look.


Nothing completes an outfit in winterish times like a pair of gloves. But many women tend to detest this part of it because gloves tend to be quite cumbersome. Go for a soft pair of wool gloves that will sit comfortably on your hands and not start to itch as the day goes by. Ideally you’ll be look for a light yet functional pair that will allow you to wiggle your fingers around etc. With the right pair in your arsenal, this might even turn out to be one of your favourite accessories.


Your usual bag will just get in the way of your movement and hinder you from keeping your hands warm so what you need to do here is invest in cross body bags. They are the embodiment of stylishness in colder weather while also achieving its full worth in functionality.

Winter hats

This weather is the perfect opportunity for you to go all out in your choice of winter hats. From the classic faux fur hat to fedoras, the limit here is your imagination. Tip- the quirkier the better, especially when paired with a neutral coloured outfit.

Use these tips to accessorize yourself to perfection this season!

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