Should You Buy Used Seats for A Vehicle?

Having a vehicle, be it commercial or not, you want the most comfortable seats. You can achieve such a thing by buying them new. Many people don’t listen to this advice, getting them second hand. This article is here to tell you why this is a bad idea, so keep reading.

New Seats Aren’t That Expensive

One of the reasons people ditch new seats and get used ones is because they think they’re saving money. Yeah, you’ll be saving cash but at the end of the day, the amount you save isn’t that big. The price difference is something you shouldn’t get too excited about, especially since you can nab quality seats for a very considerably low-price during sales.

New Seats Are Easily Available

If you’re the owner of a commercial vehicle, finding car seats can be tough. Most of the market consists of shops catering to cars or large 4x4s. That’s why you’ll find it very hard to buy used car seats for your truck, bull dozer or excavator.

This leaves you no other choice but to get a hold of a new one.

Used Seats Smell

Used seats have been with the previous owner for a very long time. Because of this, it may have absorbed a range of odours. Although you may not have noticed it, the moment you get it installed in your car you find it hard to drive as the scents bombard you.

Not only does it make driving uncomfortable, but the scents can be overpowering and make you sick. If you own a commercial vehicle, this is a huge no-no as you want to drive as safe as possible which can only be done if you’re in a clear head space- so commercial vehicle seats shouldn’t be used.

New Seats Are Very Comfortable

If you’re the owner of a car, you know how important it is that its seats are as comfortable as possible. If they cause a range of aches and pains, no matter how good the car is, driving the vehicle would be impossible. What’s more is, you’ll find it hard to sell the car (if you ever are) for a good amount as buyers would lose interest in it the moment, they try its seats out.

As you may have guessed, new seats are the most comfortable. This is as they haven’t experienced any wear and tear so they’re very cushion like.

New Seats Look the Best

While on the topic of wear and tear, new seats look the best. No one has sat in them before so they are as plump as they should be. Once installed, they look great as a used one may be a sight for sore eyes.

Used Seats May Be Infested

You don’t want to be in your car when you suddenly start itching. You keep itching and itching until you accidentally drive off road- ouch.

The seat may have been infested with a range of bugs, ew.

As you see, there are various reasons why you’d want to buy seats for your vehicle brand new.

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