Tips for a Stress-Free Airport Parking

Sometimes, there are trips that it is better to leave a car than take it with you. Some people prefer storing their vehicle in their own garage. It is a good option if you’ll only be away for less than a week. For longer vacations, there are better options to keep your car safe and in good condition while you’re away.

Airport parking is in demand nowadays, thanks to the popularity of travel in this era. People can now leave their vehicle at their trusted airport parking provider without worries. Whether you’ve done it before or it’s still your first time, here are some preparations you should make for a stress-free airport parking.

Choose the Right Parking Option

There are plenty of parking options out there that is made to meet different customer needs. Here’s a simple guide on different parking options to help you start your vacation right.

  • On-Airport Parking – This type of parking is located on the airport grounds. It is a lot convenient, considering its short distance from the airport. If you have plenty of luggage or running short on time, this option is perfect for you.
  • Meet and Greet Parking – In meet and greet, you simply contact a parking provider and wait for the driver at a designated meet up Simply hand him the keys and he’ll be the one to park your car in their secure parking area. When you return, contact the driver again and he’ll bring your car to your meeting area. This is the most convenient type but is also pricier than others. This is a great choice if you’re travelling with your family since you don’t have to mind other things anymore.
  • Park and Ride – Here, you simply park your car on the designated parking area on airport grounds and wait for a shuttle bus to bring you to your terminal. It is a little time consuming but works great if you’re on a tight budget.

Book In Advance

The best way to cut off on parking prices is to book in advance. Avoid booking on peak seasons since prices are higher than usual. Make sure that your booking is flexible in case there are some changes in your plans.

Leave Your Car in Safe Hands

Always pick a trusted airport parking provider to be assured that your car is in good hands. Our company offers the best services and great deals in Melbourne. Make your online booking now at

Estimated Transfer Time

Although airport parking is located near the airport, it is still best to allot extra time for your transfer. In case of any delays, you still have enough time to catch up on your flight.

Book a Hotel on the Eve of Your Departure

If your house is far away from the airport, it would be stressful to drive there for hours. Better stay in a hotel near an airport so you’ll be well rested before your flight.

Travelling doesn’t need to be stressful and it’s made even more convenient with airport parking.

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