Top 5 Places To Visit When You Are In Colombo

Captivating buildings, parks with monuments and outstanding religious places are quintessential to the character of Colombo as a tourist destination. According to Sri Lanka’s history, it has been ruled by the British, Portuguese and Dutch, which is captivatingly portrayed in the architectural variety in the monuments and buildings in Colombo.

Apart from the architectural momentums, there are highly praised religious places, prided museums that store the rich history of Sri Lanka, mesmerizing beaches, Endemic wildlife species and lush nature that will blow your mind and memorable scenic views that make Sri Lanka the ultimate travel destination.

How To Get About

Let’s talk about travel first. Colombo offers a wide variety of travel options to both locals and tourists. Tuk-tuks are also known as three-wheelers, vans, cars, public transport, special bus tours of Colombo, private touring facilities. Colombo also provides pick me and Uber hire services, these firms cater to your exact vehicle demands.

National Museum Of Colombo

If you are a history lover and have a keen eye for magnificent architecture, this must be your first stop. It was established during 1877 and holds the prided history of Sri Lanka. This museum holds some of the most prized collections of the ancient Kandy dynasty rulers. The museum was built in a typical Italian architecture and is located in the heart of Colombo.

Attidiya Bird Sanctuary

One of the finest bird sanctuaries in Colombo, which houses both local and migratory birds. If ornithology is your specialty then we bet you would love this place! Because there is so much to see and so much to learn. The bio-diversity of this place is absolutely mind-blowing. You are bound to see a variety of water monitors, butterflies, insects and other birds as you make your way along the muddy paths. The sanctuary is located in Boralasgamuwa, Colombo. The best season to visit is between December and January as a lot of migratory birds seek refuge here during this season.

Mount Lavinia

The Mount Lavinia Hotel is one of the heritage hotels in Colombo, as is was predominately a huge building in 1806. This hotel provides numerous rooms with ocean views. Also, they provide a clear view of the glorious sunset and sunrise. We say it is an ideal spot for honeymoon couples. If you visit during holiday or festive seasons you are applicable for many discounts and offers too.

Beira Lake

If there is one place where you can enjoy the combined benefits of adventure, pilgrimage, picnic, and fun, it is the popular Beira Lake. People can also enjoy various boat rides too. This is one of the hottest tourist spots in Colombo. The Gangaramaya Temple is located near Beira Lake, and the view the best view is in the evening when the temple is highly illuminating. The Seema Malaka temple is situated right in between the Beira Lake and it holds various Buddha Statues and some Hindu Idols.

Independence Memorial Hall

Where history was made and where history is honored. The Independence Memorial Hall was established to commemorate the independence of Sri Lanka in 1948. However, the building completed construction in the year 1953. It is located in Torrington Square. It is highly used by locals as an area of physical fitness. You will find various people, cycling, running or walking along the paths.

Colombo may not be highly visible on the world map. But it is the most prized possession of Sri Lanka that has a lot of potentials and a lot to offer.

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